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Downloadable music from Ian's CDs, record albums, and other sources

All music tracks are digitized at 256kbps for near-CD quality. Downloads are delivered in industry-standard ZIP files, which can be unpacked with any unzipping program. Tracks are not copy-protected, however they are copyrighted and may be used only by the original purchaser. Sold as downloads and in complete albums only.

Words and Music (1967-2005)

US$ 8.99

Words and Music (1967-2005)

A caravan of Ian's songs, presented by Ian, Regina, and Fred. Including tracks from the motion pictures "Stanley's Gig" and "Last Call".

Down on the Farm (1967) • I've Been Ill (1967) • Don't Trust Your Heart (1982) • Rough Trade (1982) • Old Friends (1984) • My Confession (1996) • Hush My Heart (1994) • Ukulele Heaven (1999) • Goodbye, Old Boy (1999) • The Uke Is On the March (1999) • Will I Feel Like A Fool? (1995) • When You're There (2002) • Trottin' At the Troc (2002) • Lonely (2002) • Corn Husk (2002) • Same As Ever (2001) • Dancing Partners (2004) • My Garden (2004) • One and One (2004) • Windmill Waltz (2004) • Mystery Riders (2004) • You're the One (2004) • Time and Again (2004) • Our House (2004) • Restless (2004) • My Pal (2005)

Dance Hall Days (A Program of Vintage Dances)

US$ 8.99

Dance Hall Days (A Program of Vintage Dances)

A program of songs for dancing, from the early decades of the 20th Century. (And with a few newer ones by a Mr. I Whitcomb.)

The Teddy Bears Picnic • When I Lost You • Whispering • Sandcastle (Ragtime Two-Step) • After You've Gone • Sol Tropical • I'm Nobody's Baby • If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts • April Showers • Montmartre • Chester the Cat • When Sophie Dances • Rocking the Baby to Sleep • When The Folks High-Up Do The Mean Low-Down • Rose of Washington Square • Alice Blue Gown • That's Why They Call Me Shine • Breeze • Stumbling • If You Were The Only Girl In The World • Sultry Nights • The Bumbling Bear • My Blues (Slow Drag) • Fairy on the Clock • Dreams of Old L.A.

Ian Whitcomb's Mod, Mod Music Hall

US$ 4.99

Ian Whitcomb's Mod, Mod Music Hall

Ian's second album (1966), reflecting his move away from rock 'n roll, into music hall and Tin Pan Alley. Both are here in this energetic album.

Poor Little Bird • Got a Date With an Angel • The Night I Appeared as Macbeth • August, 1914 • Coney Island Washboard • Mother! Mother! Mother! (What a Naughty Boy Am I) • The Junkman Rag • The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi • The Awful Tale of Maggie May • Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go (With Friday on Saturday Night) • Saucy Seaside Sue • Reindeer-A Ragtime Two-Step • Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider • That Ragtime Suffragette • Oh Helen • Your Baby Has Gone Down the Plug-Hole

Steppin' Out *

US$ 9.99

Steppin' Out

"A Confection of Pure Vaudeville Soaked in Ragtime". With Ian's long-time performing companion Dick Zimmerman annihilating the piano.

I Gave Her That • Here I Am • The Story Book Ball • Thinking of You • She Knows It • Bright Eyes • Oh! I Wish I Was Tarzan • Give Me the Moonlight, Give Me the Girl (And Leave the Rest to Me) • Kissable Child • Steppin' Out • The Candyland Christmas Ball • A Lemon in the Garden of Love • Everything Is Peaches Down in Georgia • Dream Kisses • I'm Gonna Live While I'm Living (Cos I'm Gonna Be A Long Time Dead) • I'm Waiting for Ships That Never Come In • America, I Love You


US$ 8.99

Steppin' Out

Ian rolls out (literally) a number of yesteryear's popular (and not so popular) songs, all produced by Mr. W as piano rolls.

The Kellytester • Let's Go HonkyTonk medley (Crazy Otto Rag; I Love A Piano; Anytime; The Restaurant Man; The Sheep Dip) • The War in Snyder's Grocery Store • Parisian medley (The Poor People of Paris; La Vie En Rose) • Strangers in the Night • You Don't Like It - Not Much! • Hands (A Massage Parlor Song) • I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover • Forgive Me • Flirtation medley (Last Night On the Back Porch; In the Woodshed She Said She Would; Frankfurter Sandwiches; Washing Dishes With My Sweetie) Sunshine • Dream Daddy • Crazy • My Baby Just Cares for Me

* Note: Albums with '*' are digitized from the original vinyl LPs. Some were in better shape than others. We've tried to minimize clicks, pops, gulps, scratches, and thrashes. However, we prefer to maintain as much as possible the authentic sound of the original performances. So some artifacts may remain.

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