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Ian's books:  audiobooks, e-books ... and even in print

LotusLand - A Story of Southern California

US$ 19.98

LotusLand - A Story of Southern California

Ian's only novel, originally published in 1979, and now out of print. Only a few copies remain.
"Oozing out of the record player came the svelte crooning of Whispering Will. Ian Whitcomb, an ex-rock star remaindered in Los Angeles, was entranced. Drooping peppers, luscious grapes, and fragrant orange blossoms were summoned up despite the hiss and crackle of the mildewed old record. This was Lotusland as it might have been. This was the world as it ought to be. He determined to find out more about this Whispering Will, this man who seemed so rooted in a land of shifting sands. His researches took him back to: Los Angeles, 1917".

Ukulele Heroes: The Golden Age


Available at

Ukulele Heroes: The Golden Age

"Ukulele Heroes: The Golden Age, is typically Whitcombian in its eccentricity. It's all lavishly illustrated, and rendered with Whitcomb's trademark brio: an admirable blend of deep research and language that's vivid, but never cloying. (Well...hardly ever.) If you have any interest in the history of pop music - even if you think you're not interested in ukuleles, or Hawaii, or vaudeville, or the Great Depression - you owe it to yourself to read this monstrously entertaining book. Ian Whitcomb is just that good."

Kirkus Reviews

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Bulldog Drummond title

A full-length
audio adventure

Ian stars as the original pulp adventure hero Bulldog Drummond in a 5-hour full-cast audio drama.

Listen to a sample and get your copy here.

Bulldog Drummond CD case

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